mysql_async_initializer( <hostname>, <username>, <password>, <database>, <port>, <connectioncount> )

Module: MySQL


Sets up the async mysql module. Only needs to be called once per server-start, will not do anything if called subsequently.
Advise: Use a relatively low connectioncount (e.g. 4) for normal usage, go up to 10 if your server is busy (30+ players or a lot of queries) or located far from the mysql server.


 mysql_async_initializer(hostname, username, password, database, port_is_int, connectioncount);

Required Args:

  • 1 : <hostname> host where the database runs on (like localhost)
  • 2 : <username> username of the database
  • 3 : <password> the password of the username
  • 4 : <database> database name
  • 5 : <port> database port (default 3306)
  • 6 : <connectioncount> connection count